MBA College In Chandigarh


GJIMT offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Marketing, Human Resources Management (HRM) and Finance.

GJIMT prepares students for leadership positions in business through focused understanding of concepts, sound practical exposure with real time case studies and research projects, and a lot of opportunities for beyond the classroom learning. The industrial and consultancy projects introduce students to make and carry out strategy and manage resources. The students gain necessary knowledge and experience for working across a cross spectrum of sectors globally. Through two years of consistent practice, they get the much needed confidence to take on professional challenges, learn the ropes of teamwork and inculcate the importance of synergy. A large number of on and off campus events and activities keep the studies enjoyable and engaging.

MBA here leads to a rewarding future in the fast paced competitive business scenario both as an executive or an entrepreneur.

Duration: 4-semesters (Two years)
Workshops/industrial training and tours: Two months (June-July)

MBA (2019-2021)

MBA (2018-2020)

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