Dive into the Experience: SWT 2024 – GJ-EP 2024 Project 10-15

Embark on a four-month odyssey with the Summer Work & Travel Program 2024. GJ-EP 2023 Project 10-15 promises a unique blend of three months of work and a month-long PAN USA travel adventure. Immerse yourself in professional growth, cultural exchange, and extraordinary adventures across the United States.

Unleash the Explorer in You:

Dive into the heart of new cities, forge connections with locals, and immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery with GJIMT. Our Summer Work & Travel Program 2024 beckons you to explore, learn, and gain invaluable experiences that extend beyond borders. Elevate your adventure quotient — redefine your summer!

Professional Exposure: Embark on a transformative journey through GJIMT’s Summer Work & Travel Program (SWT), unlocking unparalleled professional exposure. Immerse yourself in a dynamic work environment for three months, gaining hands-on experience that transcends classroom learning. Develop essential skills, refine your expertise, and elevate your career prospects, laying the foundation for a successful professional journey.

Cultural Immersion: Beyond the workplace, the SWT Program is a gateway to profound cultural immersion. Explore diverse landscapes, meet locals, and engage in cross-cultural exchanges during the month-long PAN USA travel. This cultural odyssey fosters a global perspective, enhances adaptability, and enriches your understanding of the world. Embrace new traditions, savor unique cuisines, and create lasting memories that transcend borders.

GJIMT’s SWT Program is not just a summer adventure; it’s a holistic experience that seamlessly blends professional growth with cultural enrichment. Embrace the dual journey, broaden your horizons, and return home with a wealth of experiences that shape both your career and worldview

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