Orientation Program 2023 at GJIMT: A Grand Commencement of the Academic Journey

The Orientation Program was a milestone, a foundation for the exciting adventure that lay ahead. As the students embark on this thrilling journey, GJIMT stands tall, ready to nurture their dreams, provide them with an environment primed for learning, and be a platform for their personal growth.

The courses such as BBA, BCom (Hons), BCA, MCA, and MBA gather for a grand commencement of their academic journey. The atmosphere was electric, filled with enthusiasm for new beginnings and the promise of exciting experiences ahead.

To kick things off in the most fun way possible, the day began with an engaging Ice Breaking Session that was orchestrated by the lively class incharges. This session wasn’t just about breaking the ice; it was about breaking barriers and forging connections that would last a lifetime.

As the day unfolded, distinguished dignitaries took the stage, their words like a guiding light for the eager minds gathered before them. Amidst all the excitement, a much-needed Tea Break arrived, providing the perfect setting for casual conversations to bloom. Think of students and faculty mingling over cups of tea, exchanging stories and laughter, weaving the fabric of camaraderie that would envelop the entire GJIMT family.

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