Code of Conduct

We wish our students to have a comfortable and productive stay at the institute during their studies, which finally culminates into a successful career.

  • Students must attend at least 75% of total lectures delivered in all the subjects in a given semester.
  • Director of the institute can condone shortage of attendance in emergency cases only, on the basis of merit of the case, but up to an extent of 10% only, beyond which the student will not be permitted to appear in the final exams.
  • Students are requested to maintain full attendance and decorum on the occasions, events and the functions of the institute.
  • Students must deposit the fee for the given semester as per the schedule announced by the administration office.
  • Students are required to carry I-card issued to them during their stay in the institute.
  • Student is required to maintain discipline inside and outside the classroom.
  • Students should wear the dress, which behooves the good student and gives a professional image. Students may be asked to wear formal dress, as per a given occasion.
  • Students should not visit the canteen and extracurricular facilities i.e.; gymnasium, common rooms while their class is in progress.
  • Students are requested not to carry expensive items and large amount of cash with them inside the institute.
  • Students must switch off their mobiles while class is in progress and should not bring them to the institute during the examination (internal and external) days.
  • Institute aims to provide world-class infrastructure and expects the students to make use of it in a diligent and caring manner and group using it, should take proper care of the infrastructural facilities.
  • Students will have to abide by the rules framed by the university and the institute from time to time.
  • All the students’ correspondence with the university has to be routed through the institute or only with the institute’s permission.
  • In case of student’s failure to comply with the above mentioned guidelines, the institute rules formed, for failing in his/her expected role would be applicable and student will be bound by that.

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