Marketing Club

Embark on an interactive voyage of creativity and learning in the world of marketing excellence..

Enter the vibrant world of the GJIMT Marketing Club, where education transcends textbooks and offers an immersive experience via the well-known “Ad Mad Show.”

Discover the creative core of the “Ad Mad Show.” It’s more than just an event; it’s a colorful canvas on which marketing concepts are realized. Observe the marriage of creativity and expression that draws attendees from different universities and introduces a range of viewpoints to the marketing field.

This isn’t how you usually learn things. Take advantage of the Marketing Club’s experiential learning opportunity to get a sense of real-world situations. As they work through the difficulties of marketing, students develop abilities that go well beyond academic understanding.

Are you prepared to discover the keys to effective marketing? Examine the ways in which this practical experience fosters innovation, strategic thinking, and successful communication—the essential ingredients for a thriving career in marketing. It’s not just about learning; it’s about crafting a path towards success.

Join GJIMT now and jump start your career with strong foundation and life long placements!