Literary Committee

The club promotes literary activities as well as offers students opportunities for developing taste for literature and increase knowledge about writers, poets and authors. The students also showcase their own literary skills on various club platforms.

Cultural Committee

The club organizes programmes and events for promotion and showcasing of music, cultural, drama, dance and other fine arts. The club plays a key role in organizing intra/inter college fests like Parakh and Pratibha.

Business Club

The club keeps the students abreast of the contemporary business trends and developments in the fields of HR, marketing, financial and IT World.

Sports Committee

The club is dedicated to promotion of sporting activities, competitions and organizing of indoor and outdoor games events.

Alumni Committee

The committee has been constituted to build and enhance relationships with alumni through various programs and events. The committee inculcates belongingness for the institute amongst the alumni as well as helps them to make contribution for the betterment of alma mater.

Rotaract Club

This club of the institution works with the disadvantaged sections of the society by gifting items of educational needs and organizing programmes sensitizing the people about the importance of education, healthcare and sanitation. The club provides provisions to various charities from time to time. The money for this noble cause is collected from faculty and students. Another notable activity of the club is organizing visits to the orphan houses, where students intermingle with the inmates giving them a feeling of friendliness and understanding their physical and emotional needs. On numerous occasions the students also celebrate festivals like Lohri with the inmates of orphanages and old age homes.

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

The cell provides budding entrepreneurs with necessary and reliable business information besides helping them gain knowledge and skills in project report preparation, evaluation, intellectual property rights and patents, etc.

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