BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration The most beautiful part of student life is a graduation, which opens doors to young adolescents who can look forward to build their academic career. The graduation will have a decisive impact on the student’s future.  The sought after graduation is BBA course, which enables the budding talents to reach great heights in professional careers in areas like HR, Finance, Marketing etc. At Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology (GJIMT), one of the best BBA College in Chandigarh offers BBA course a three years fulltime program, which is the right option for those who want to venture into business administration. BBA course comprises of practical managerial skills and decision-making capabilities to aspiring students in Business Studies.  At GJIMT, BBA course in Chandigarh is offered at an affordable price and with specializations in Marketing, Human Resources and Finance. After students graduating from one of the best colleges for BBA in Chandigarh, many parents have expressed satisfaction seeing their wards’ transformation to professional orientation with the other industry-recognized certifications, paving doors for entering into a job market with confidence. 

Gjimt, Being One of the Best BBA Colleges in India

GJIMT, being one of the best BBA colleges in India, caters to the students to acquire industry-specific skills apart from academic knowledge. The students can avail safe and secure hostel accommodation for girls pursuing BBA course in Chandigarh near the vicinity of the beautiful campus, GJIMT.  We have excellent placements in various big corporates for GJIMT BBA students, keeping the standards as one of the best BBA colleges in India. The various seminars, workshops, group discussions, top leaders industry interactions and cultural programs enhance the BBA students’ potential to great heights.

Why Choose BBA Course in Gian Jyoti

BBA helps students to learn the management of the business in big or small organizations. It is of more importance to students of other faculties as they learn about business management. This is a three-year course which helps aspirants learn the principles of business management

Students studying for BBA at GJIMT are taught to develop communicating skills besides quantitative analysis. At GJIMT BBA students learn business processes and practices and understand how economics works in the world marketplace.

Students can get the benefit of specializing in any one of the areas. Some of the courses offered include accounting, international business, real estate, and finance besides computer information. At the same time, various other aspects of business administration are handled under this course. Three years of this course are equivalent to undergraduate management and the two years for Post Graduate Program

Career Opportunity After Course BBA

Since BBA students are made aware of business issues around the globe, finding a job is very easy. Going through BBA college in one of the best colleges in Chandigarh, graduating students get an opportunity to develop their management and operational skills so they can hold posts of mangers in different institutions. Employers look for BBA students for different posts such as operations manager, cost estimator, security officer information, manager for loss prevention besides sales manager.

Best University for Doing BBA in Chandigarh

Go for BBA at GJIMT if you have one and only target to jump into management career and you are confident that you have aptitude related to business and management only. You are eligible to pursue an MBA after BBA, which proves to be more beneficial if backed up by a BBA background. So, students must opt for BBA after 10+2 if you have only aim to become an MBA graduate.

GJIMT, Mohali is one of the fastest-growing BBA College and Management Institute of the country, which speaks volumes about its focused academic approach, strong industry partnerships, and excellent campus placements. Incorporating all these has enabled GJIMT to establish itself as one of the best BBA Colleges in India.


In the Northern Region, GJIMT, Mohali is the Best BBA College in Chandigarh and has a curriculum that is both dynamic, as well as continuously evolving. In BBA Course the students are exposed to real-life business scenarios and are equipped with the skill sets to create and execute business strategies that can add value to their employer, and the community at large. Accomplished faculties with experience in diverse fields bring expertise and experience into the classroom so that our students can learn and imbibe their knowledge.

At GJIMT, Mohali the students are keenly involved in integrated project works, international exchanges, internships and a diverse range of electives. Fundamental to the approach is a concentrated focus on both, theory and its application to practice, to equip the students with a total skill set.

In BBA students are encouraged to publish scholarly articles having empirical and theoretical research outputs that have a huge impact on management and related fields. GJIMT encourages innovative ideas and new perspectives on existing research.

BBA Course is a Professional Degree

BBA course is a professional degree that addresses the core functions of commerce such as finance, strategy, decision making, etc. The degree also improvises managerial skills, team skills and communication skills. Some of the core subjects taught in BBA course are organizational behavior, basic management skills, business strategy, financial accounting, legal regulatory framework, entrepreneurship development, international finance and marketing, capital management, e-commerce, communication skills, etc.

About Gian Jyoti Institute of Management

Established in 1998, GJIMT offers the AICTE approved Under Graduate BBA degree in Management at its well-located campus in the heart of beautiful Chandigarh Tri-city. With 20 years’ experience in responsible higher education, GJIMT aims to become a leading college in Asia, focused on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Technology, imbibing skills for lifelong success. GJIMT has established itself as one of the best colleges for BBA in India.

With the Blended Global study program, students are able to get an international degree while studying in India. More and more students these days prefer to enroll for a graduate program that gives them important skills they can implement right away in the workplace, rather than study an Undergraduate program that is based on pure academics. This created a demand for the courses such as BBA among students who have cleared their 10+2.

BBA Programme at GJIMT is a full-time, three-year, Undergraduate Programme aimed at preparing young graduates for higher studies, employability and to nurture their intellectual, personal, interpersonal and societal skills.  The Curriculum incorporates Blended and Experiential learning through mandatory global study, Company Visits, and Summer Internships. Business Simulation and Case Studies are adopted as core pedagogies in the classroom.

BBA at GJIMT Has the Following Features:


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