About IQAC


GJIMT realises that quality enhancement is a continuous process; the IQAC has strived to make it a part of institution’s system and diligently work towards realising the goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. IQAC at GJIMT is the core team of planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement activities of the Institute.


  1. To aim for making GJIMT a centre of Academic Excellence
  2. To lay down the processes to achieve internal quality assurance system for academic and administrative excellence.
  3. To create a student – oriented atmosphere so that it leads to the holistic development.
  4. To strengthen Industry – Academia relation for benefit of staff and students.
  5. To promote interdisciplinary research with a collaborative approach.
  6. To promote academic excellence by enhancing the quality of teaching by organizing Faculty Development programs and Workshops.
  7. To augment and enhance the academic facilities in the Institute.

Role of IQAC

Role of IQAC

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