Bachelor of Computer Application

Stand out and succeed in the Global world of business

Program Overview

  • Program Length
    4 Years (2 Yrs in India + 2 Yrs in Canada)
  • Credential
    Bachelor Degree
  • Location
    2 Yrs in Mohali (Chandigarh) 2 Yrs in Canada

The BCA 2+2 program offers an expansive business education, emphasizing global business operations, emerging markets, and tech-driven organizations. During the initial two years, students build a strong foundation in essential computer science disciplines. They acquire a comprehensive understanding of programming, problem-solving, and effective communication skills. In the following two years at Yorkville University, Canada, students experience advanced learning with a variety of elective courses that promote flexibility, adaptability, and creative problem-solving. This program uniquely equips graduates for diverse careers in computer science, software development, and IT, opening up a world of postgraduate prospects on a global scale.

Why Study BCA 2+2 @GJIMT

  • Specially designed curriculum focused on excelling in the dynamic field of computer science.
  • A budget-friendly program that provides exceptional returns on your educational investment.
  • Tailored learning experience featuring project-based coursework, small class sizes, and mentorship from experienced faculty.
  • Engaging educational methods that blend lectures, practical seminars, hands-on projects, and computer simulations for comprehensive skill development.

Curriculum with Majors

The BCA program submerges you into the intricate world of technology and computing. It encapsulates areas like Computer System Architecture, Object-Oriented Programming, and Data Structures. Topics spanning from Programming in Python, Software Engineering, to Database Management Systems, fortify a holistic comprehension of the tech domain. The curriculum accentuates practical components, such as web designing, PC assembly, and troubleshooting, priming students for tangible tech challenges.

In the fifth semester at Fraser Valley University, Canada, the program provides an exciting opportunity to tailor your academic journey to the world of technology. You can choose from specialized tracks such as software development, system and networking, and security, all of which empower you to fuse diverse technological skills and perspectives. This phase of the program elevates your academic and professional trajectory within the dynamic realm of technology.Curriculum Outline

  • UGCA1901 Core Theory Mathematics 4
  • UGCA1902 Core Theory Fundamentals of Computer and IT 4
  • UGCA1903 Core Theory Problem Solving using C 4
  • UGCA1904 Practical/Laboratory Workshop on Desktop Publishing 2
  • UGCA1905 Core Practical/Laboratory Problem Solving using C Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1906 Core Practical/Laboratory Fundamentals of Computer and IT Laboratory 2
  • BTHU103/18 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC)-I English 1
  • BTHU104/18 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) English Practical/Laboratory 1
  • HVPE101-18 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) Human Values, Deaddiction and Traffic Rules 3
  • HVPE102-18 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) Human Values, Deaddiction and Traffic Rules (Lab/ Seminar
  • BMPD102-18 Mentoring and Professional Development 1
  • Total Credits 25
  • UGCA1907 Core Theory Fundamentals of Statistics 4
  • UGCA1908 Core Theory Computer System Architecture 4
  • UGCA1909 Core Theory Object Oriented Programming using C++ 4
  • UGCA1910 Core Practical/Laboratory Object Oriented Programming using C++ Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1911 Core Practical/Laboratory Fundamentals of Statistics Laboratory 2
  • EVS102-18 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC) -III Environmental Studies 2
  • BMPD202-18 Mentoring and Professional Development 1
  • Total Credits 19
  • UGCA1913 Core Theory Computer Networks 4
  • UGCA1914 Core Theory Programming in Python 4
  • UGCA1915 Core Theory Data Structures 4
  • UGCA1916 Core Practical/Laboratory Computer Networks Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1917 Core Practical/Laboratory Programming in Python Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1918 Core Practical/Laboratory Data Structures Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1919 Skill Enhancement Course-I PC Assembly & Troubleshooting 3
  • UGCA1920 Skill Enhancement Course- Laboratory PC Assembly & Troubleshooting Laboratory 1
  • BMPD302-18 Mentoring and Professional Development 1
  • Total Credits 23
  • UGCA1921 Core Theory Software Engineering 4
  • UGCA1922 Core Theory Database Management Systems 4
  • UGCA1923 Core Theory Operating 4
  • UGCA1924 Core Practical/Laboratory Software Engineering Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1925 Core Practical/Laboratory Database Management Systems Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1926 Core Practical/Laboratory Operating Systems Laboratory 2
  • UGCA1927 Skill Enhancement Course-II Web Designing 3
  • UGCA1928 Skill Enhancement Course- Laboratory Web Designing Laboratory 1
  • BMPD402-18 Mentoring and Professional Development 1
  • Total Credits 23
  • Project Management
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to probability and statistics
  • Statistics –I
  • An Arts elective 1
  • Elective II
  • Data Communications
  • Elective 3
  • Elective 4
  • Elective 5
  • Elective 6
  • Ethics and Other Management Issues
  • Elective 7
  • Elective 8
  • Elective 9
  • Elective 10
  • Elective 11
  • Elective 12
  • Elective 13
  • Elective 14
  • Elective 15

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US Internship

Seize the opportunity to undertake summer work and travel paid internship in the United States during your BCA (2+2) at GJIMT. Dive deep into a world of international experiences, broadening your horizons and amplifying your global exposure.

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Students excelling with 75% or higher in their first BCA (2+2) semester at GJIMT are granted access to exclusive shadow projects. These initiatives amplify analytical acumen, with hands-on dissertations currently focused on Power BI, all under the guidance of our esteemed faculty.


To pursue BCA Professional at GJIMT you must have:

  • Passed Class 12th with minimum 50% marks.
    *Priority will be given to students with 70% or above class 12th marks.
  • Qualified the Personal Interview round at GJIMT

How to Apply

To embark on your BCA (2+2) Professional journey at GJIMT:

  • Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and input the relevant details.
  • Complete application form.
  • Upload the necessary documents.
  • Relationship Coordinator will reach out to guide you through the next stages.

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Fee Breakup

Tuition & Fees

Cost for this program per semester:

    • Sem 1
    • Sem 2
    • Sem 3
    • Sem 4
    • Sem 5
    • Sem 6
    • Total Semester Fees (To be paid in College Account)
    • 21500
    • 23740
    • 23740
    • 23740
    • 23740
    • 23740
    • Fees to be submitted Online directly by Student on IKGPTU Portal
    • 1150(URF)+1650(Exams Fees)
    • 1650(Exams Fees)
    • 550(URF)+1650(Exams Fees)
    • 1650(Exams Fees)
    • 550(URF)+1650(Exams Fees)
    • 1650(Exams Fees)

These are only estimates – your actual cost may vary
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Career Opportunities

After completing your BBA from GJIMT, a world of career opportunities awaits you, enabling you to make a significant impact in the business world. Here are some potential career paths:

  • Financial Officer CAD 61000 Annually
  • Supply Chain Planner CAD 61000 Annually
  • Marketing Specialist CAD 53000 Annually
  • Assistant Energy Manager CAD 64023 Annually
  • Logistics Analyst CAD 51000 Annually
  • Project Manager – Renewable Energy CAD 51000 Annually
  • Financial Reporting Analyst CAD 56000 Annually
  • Supply Chain Manager CAD 83000 Annually
  • Business Analyst CAD 66000 Annually
  • Supply Chain Supervisor CAD 68000 Annually
  • Accounts Payable Manager CAD 58000 Annually
  • Human Resources (HR) Generalist CAD 56000 Annually
  • Project Coordinator CAD 55000 Annually
  • Financial Analyst CAD 58000 Annually
  • Supply Chain Analyst CAD 57000 Annually
  • Marketing Coordinator CAD 50000 Annually
  • Accounting Analyst CAD 52000 Annually
  • Office Manager CAD 50000 Annually
  • Project Manager CAD 89,868 Annually
  • Data Analyst CAD 55000 Annually


“I very much enjoy taking classes that focus on group projects and external learning. An example of this is “Rural Marketing”. We competed against our classmates in a sales competition. I found it to be a really successful way to learn about developing a proper market plan to sell your product”.

Dr. Alamgir

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