The New Adobe AI Can Detect Fake Photoshopped Images

The American software giant, Adobe has collaborated with researchers from the University of California to develop an Artificial Intelligence tool that detects facial manipulations made in Photoshop. As the circulation of fake news is increasing with time, many companies are exploring ways to curb this societal enemy. The researchers have published their work titled, “Detecting Photoshopped Faces by Scripting Photoshop.” They have explained how the AI detects the usage of a Photoshop tool called ‘Face Aware Liquify.’ “The feature’s effects can be delicate which made it an intriguing test case for detecting both drastic and subtle alterations to faces,” added Adobe. If you are unaware, this tool is used to make alterations to facial features and facial expressions as well. Adobe trained a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), a form of deep learning, on a database of paired faces that were modified using the Face Liquify feature of Photoshop to detect manipulated images, videos, audio, documents. They selected a random subset of photos for training. Moreover, Adobe also hired an artist to alter images that were mixed into the data set. “We started by showing image pairs (an original and an alteration) to people who knew that one of the faces was altered,” says Adobe researcher Oliver Wang. “For this approach to be useful, it should be able to perform significantly better than the human eye at identifying edited faces,” said Adobe.



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