The National Cadet Corps – My Passion

Every student has a hobby or passion during school or college time. So did I had during my college days, when I was in the first year of my college and compete among 150 students for 25 vacancies in NCC Navy in my college. Extracurricular activities are the focal point for students in schools and colleges. They not only look good on a student’s record, but also help students explore new hobbies and passions. The NCC is a prestigious organization with a presence in schools and colleges all over India.

So what exactly is the NCC?

The NCC is a youth organization. It came into existence a year after independencein 1948. Students can voluntarily join this organization within their school and college. However, they should know that the NCC is not equivalent to the army. But a step to join the army. This organization is geared primarily towards youth development. It aims to teach students the life skills, the importance of unity, and other important ethics and values. It remodels a cadet’s personality and turns him into a law-abiding citizen s of our country.

The NCC regimen is built to inculcate the importance of discipline in students from the beginning. NCC cadets go on to join the defense forcesincluding the army, navy, and air force.

So, what is it about the organization that makes it so important for students to be a part of? Why do students who have already been a part of NCC in their school and college days recommend others to participate?

Read on to see our take on it.

Start early

To get a feel of what the NCC is, join your school or college’s division. This is the first step towards becoming a cadet. Joining early means you have an extracurricular activity that is extremely beneficial for you. Not only that, NCC training keeps you fit and helps you to focus.

Know your strengths

The NCC is an organization that will show you what your strengths and weaknesses are. Your leader will teach you how to hone your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Schools and colleges are usually equipped with big grounds suitable for NCC training. NCC exercises and camps are a great way to know what your limitations are. Schools/ colleges often arrange for exchange programs for NCC cadets to experience and train with fellow NCC cadets from other regions of the country.

Build life skills

First and foremost, NCC cadets are taught about the motto of the organization, “Unity and Discipline”. Students are taught the basics of first aid as well, including an explanation of human physiology. In times of crisis, the knowledge of first aid can be a lifesaver. Building of strength and physical stamina is another aspect of NCC training.As students become more involved with NCC, they are taught parachuting, paragliding as well as certain aviation skills.

For students who go on to join the defense forces, this training offers them an edge over other candidates. Cadets are given extensive self-defense training as well, which is an important skill to possess right now.NCC instills in you a love for your and teaches about the contribution of armed forces to the country’s defense and growth.

Global exposure

Students get to travel all over India for training camps. NCC students who perform well in their school and college units are also given the opportunity to participate in the Republic Day parade. They first attend a camp in New Delhi to undergo training before this important parade. Occasionally, NCC cadets are allowed to participate in exchange programs between India and other countries, where students from both the countries get an opportunity to learn about each other’s culture. Such experiences are necessary to broaden your horizons and instill respect for cultures different than yours.

Career opportunities

NCC cadets are trained so well that they definitely have an advantage when applying for the defense forces. Students can train to get the A, B or C level certificates. C-level certificate holders have the maximum advantage. About 32 seats are reserved for C-level NCC cadets in the Indian Military Academy, as long as they clear other criteria. The Indian Navy, Army, and Air Force offer opportunities to NCC C-level certificate holders under the Short Service Commission. Reliance Industries also offers employment opportunities for C-level certificate holders under the job title of Technical Security Officer. Many state and central government jobs are reserved for C-level certificate holders.

Not only in defense but in civil life also a person get opportunities to be a part of defense, like in teaching profession you can be appointed as an Associate National Cadets Corp officer (ANO) e.i equivalent to Lieutenant Rank in army.

Joining NCC can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your student or profession life and later on your professional life as well. The organization instills a spirit of dedication and service towards the country. Whether a candidate goes on to join the armed forces or not, NCC is one of the best experiences of their lives. So I hope that after reading this most of you will have the sprit to join NCC and serve your country. To be continue…..

Lt. Jagvinder Singh
Assistant Professor, GJIMT, Mohali
Associate NCC officer, GJIMT, Mohali.

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