The GJIMT Legacy

The GJIMT Legacy

Welcome you to GJIMT one of the most prestigious private management schools located in Punjab. GJIMT’s legacy has grown in time. Its campus is a testament to having been a mentor to thousands of students as well as a multitude of people who take part in the participatory daily learning experience. The school is amazed by the diverse achievements of its talented students.

As the top choice for placement MBA school in Chandigarh the school has done exceptionally well in all fronts, be it research, academics, training or even consultancy. The research results of the faculty have been published across the globe experts have discussed various issues in conferences, summits and seminars. The world of business has enormously profited from consulting expertise. There have been events that are aplenty; sporting, cultural and the community. There is a feeling of energy in everything it does , and a diversity of the things it is made up of.

From coaching managers in their practice as well as corporate managers, to educating managers, helping marketing professionals take the initiative to put India on the international marketing map, as well as helping students pursue their education abroad, GJIMT has come a quite a long way. As IT professionals are now members to our community, we’re very proud of them, as well as the daily tasks they perform for businesses they work for.

GJIMT is an inter-disciplinary college providing interdisciplinary research and learning in its academic programs through exposure to a format that combines information, data tools and strategies, perspectives and concepts that are derived from various disciplines that aim to advance fundamental knowledge to address real-world issues. It is evident that the university has many more resources than you could imagine. We invite you to browse the website and explore the campus.

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