Skills for Success: Thriving in today’s World

Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology conducted a workshop from March 26, 2024. It was attended by 80 students and faculty members. The workshop was inaugurated by the Director, Dr. Aneet Bedi. Dr. Sneha conducted the workshop and made the students aware about the skills that are essentials for success in today’s world of cut throat competition.

So, whether you hope to get a new job or promotion, start a business, go graduate school, branch out into a new career, or nail the presentation you’ve been working on for the past few months, the underlying aim is to achieve your own personal version of success.

Ultimately, whatever your goals are, it is a key to make a plan to accomplish them, solve any problems that arise, embrace new challenges, think out of box, and do your best. These are the basic elements of skills for success.

Other skills those are essential for success in today’s world

  • Technical skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Writing skills
  • Vocal skills
  • Self-Advocacy skills

These success skills are a key part of the strategies that you can work on to help you reach every dream, SMART goal, or personal aim you see.

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