Shoe Donation Drive: Footprints of Kindness

GJIMT believes that Every step you take can make a difference!

Step into a world of compassion and generosity with the “FOOTPRINTS of Kindness” Shoe Donation Drive, organized by the dedicated student members of the Rotaract Club. The week-long activity saw an overwhelming response from all the stakeholders. The students gathered gently worn, clean shoes like sneakers, sandals, formal shoes, and more to give someone the gift of dignity and comfort. The event was a huge success as donors contributed a remarkable 122 pairs of shoes, ranging from children’s sizes to adult sizes. The shoes were distributed among the residents of Balongi.

The initiative not only provides for the underprivileged but also addresses the issue of environmental sustainability by extending the lifecycle of shoes and reducing landfill waste. The event by creating a more inclusive and caring community created a ripple effect of positive change.

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