Recreational Trip for Faculty and Staff

GJIMT faculty and staff recently embarked on a rejuvenating recreational trip to Treeoise Resort in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, setting the stage for a day filled with laughter, camaraderie, and memorable experiences. The tranquil surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation and bonding.

The day unfolded with an array of activities, beginning with a delightful Hi-Tea, featuring an assortment of snacks and refreshing beverages. As the day progressed, the group indulged in a sumptuous buffet lunch, offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to cater to diverse preferences.

Entertainment took centre stage as the team revelled in the joy of dance and music, creating an atmosphere of celebration. The resort provided the ideal setting for staff and faculty to unwind, fostering a sense of community outside the professional realm.

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