Ph.D. at GJIMT

Your Path to Academic Excellence

GJIMT proudly offers a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) program in various specialized fields, including Human Resource Management (HRM), Finance, Management, Marketing, Operations Management, and Economics. Our programs are meticulously designed to inspire and cultivate the next generation of strategic business leaders. As the global business landscape undergoes constant transformation, we ensure that you are well-equipped to thrive amidst change.

A Journey of Research and Excellence

Our doctoral programs are meticulously crafted to nurture the future generation of management researchers, experts, professional leaders, and educators. Students have the unique opportunity to select a research topic within their chosen field and embark on a research journey under the expert guidance of our distinguished faculty members. The program follows the guidelines set by IKG Punjab Technical University.

Unlocking New Avenues

Earning a Ph.D. not only grants you the title of “doctor” but also opens doors to a multitude of career opportunities. You’ll be recognized as an authority in your field, gaining a competitive edge in both your professional and social spheres. Notably, our Ph.D. program at GJIMT is focused on research, and there is no coursework conducted on our campus. Our faculty members are here to facilitate your research journey and guide you towards academic excellence.

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