Operations Management Rethinking Operations

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Rethinking Operations all the time……

Why all companies have to rethink about operations all the time?

As we know Operations is the core of any business. The 4th Revolution ‘Technology’ has enabled everyone to access everything anytime thus accelerating Change.

Today the best learning for companies is through Customer Interaction.

We live in an era of abundance of transparent data which is empowering customers. As a result all customers have very unique expectations and they look for personalised service all the time.

The other side of the coin is COST. So companies have to balance cost with other factors at each step.

This give the companies opportunity to re imagine and deliver differently.

Everything is changing and so is our role and operations.

By always rethinking of operations companies can redefine their cost structures and meet the unique expectations of customers.

So far companies have focused on, and become proficient in, optimizing their operations in a known and stable environment. They have built systems, such as the Toyota Production System, to drive continuous improvement in an incremental way.

Modern Operations Management needs to significantly upgrade its capabilities.

  1. To cope with the high degree of uncertainty, the Operations Management function requires new methods and tools to anticipate the future, and derive consequences and requirements from this insight.
  2. Since future solutions will require radically new ways of working, Operations Management needs to nurture capabilities to generate much more creativity and innovation. Last, but not least, the speed of change, driven by hyper competition, digital and other trends, will require a proactive and agile means of transformation.

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