Next Gen Library: E-resource Management for the Digital Age

Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology conducted a workshop from March 26, 2024. It was attended by 100 students and faculty members. The workshop was inaugurated by the Director, Dr. Aneet Bedi.

Electronic Resource Management (ERM) emerges as a pivotal framework within library operations, orchestrating the intricate dance between libraries and the vast digital content available today. ERM’s core encompasses the systematic coordination, organization, and optimization of electronic resources, including everything from e-books and scholarly databases to digital journals and streaming media. These multifaceted disciplines circumscribe acquiring and cataloguing electronic resources and extend to licensing negotiations, access authentication, usage monitoring, and preservation efforts. The proliferation of electronic resources presents libraries with unparalled opportunities and daunting challenges, necessitating robust ERM strategies to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively. Libraries must grapple with budget constraints, license agreements, technological infrastructure, used authentication, and information literacy to provide seamless access to digital content while ensuring compliance with legal and ethical considerations.

The students found the workshop useful as they have to visit the library for getting information.

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