MBA vs M.Tech: What’s theBest

“Good job with good Pay”- the dream of every person on this planet. But the question is how to achieve this, Well the answer to this question is get a “Good Degree” and fulfill your dreams.

Most of our young Engineering graduates are in state of confusion and are baffled upon what to do after getting B.Techdegree. Should they go for MBA or M.Tech? Undoubtedly the decision should be a calculated one considering all pros and cons, as this decision would be a life altering step.

However the current trend shows that students prefer MBA over M.Tech.As MBA prepares one in understanding economic and business aspect of an organization. M.Tech on other hand is Masters in Technology and helps student to get in-depth knowledge of Technical skills.

The reason why MBA is more preferred as compared to its counterpart M.Tech is its limited scope and to rise in the competitive ladder one has to know much more than just technical skills which includes Finance, Marketing, Human resource etc.MBA educates the student to handle a wide spectrum of situations in the business world and help them to tackle the problems with a better perspective.

Even Statistics says most of the successful CEOs and COOs of reputed MNCs are B.Tech graduates with MBA degree and that is the key to their success. To name a few Mr. Sunder Pichai-CEO of Google, Mr. Tim Cook-CEO of Apple, Sheryl Sandberg-COO of Facebook and Mr. SatyaNadella –CEO of Microsoft.

Though it’s a fundamental misunderstanding among many people that B.Tech and MBA degree is not related and are counter parts, on the contrary it’s a great combination of technical skills and Leadership skills.B.Tech graduates often face the problem of understanding the importance of sales and marketing which is essential for organization to survive, MBA degree can fix this problem.

Altogether MBA inculcates leadership qualities, confidence, better managerial skills, problem solving techniques and enhances your motivational level.




Assistant Professor- GJIMT- Mohali

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