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“The investment in Training is worth every expenditure;
Promising Rewards & Recognition for aResult driven organization”

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‘GJIMT’ is miles ahead when it comes to identifying & shaping the Talent.
Talent is a ‘competency’ realized when knowledge, skills and abilities blend together to harness potential of a person. At GJIMT, ‘Training’ stands sanctum sanctorum for us. Legendary past of GJIMT enjoys a legacy of being an elite member of exclusive educational epitomes; a marvel edifice with a vision to help the future of the nation to – achieve, aspire and ascend with a purpose.

Perhaps, that’s the reason for us, to be widely valued as a ‘Temple of Talent Transformation’. At campus, have dedicated Labs for confirming quality Training, Teaching & Learning that help students gain an extra edge which is focussed upon 3C’s of Professionalism –
Communication, Confidence& Conviction

Along with regular and routine academic curricula; Training has been pushed into Learning Ecosystem with a vision to bring the Best out of the students and to help them usher in the ever evolving era of skill and intellect updation after every second.

Inclusion of Training pays returns into the future when the well placed and positioned alumni visits its alma-mater to hire the next gen talent with better placement prospects and this value system erected upon the edifice of faith, trust and confidence makes GJIMT as premier & outstanding contender in the contest of times & quest for the best.

Partnered with ‘hitbullseye’; a leading institute that helps crack the toughest competitive examination and prepare oneself to the perfection; students leverage upon the opportunity at campus to strive and sustain for the future. Virtual and Campus driven flexible programs help the students to manage their resources and help them in achieving, aspiring and ascendingall ahead with success.

Team – TPC (Training, Placements, Consultancy)
Gian Jyoti Institute of Management Technology, Phase – 2 Mohali

Module Scope Content Deliverable outcomes
PRP-Professional Readiness Program Sensitization of Professionalism intended towards preparing a student for Professional Career Art of Self Introduction + Effective Communication + Time Management Skills + Stress Management Skills + Part Time Jobs + Work from Home + Essential English Gramattical Skills C2C-PRPM serves an aim to arise sense of professionalism among the young scholars through – Skill Mapping & Competency Development in the area of 3-Cs – Confidence, Communication & Competencies
IRP – Internship Readiness Program Focussed upon building essential & pivotal skills to undertake Internships & Industry based live projects Paid Internship + Resume Writing + Presentation and Analytical Skills + Business Correspondence + Labs on Motivation & Leadership Skills + Advanced Institutional Networking C2C-IRPM makes ready the student participant for the upcoming Internship in the summer months of May-June. The 3-Ps included under this module include – Professional Networking, Portfolio and Paid Internship
Employbaility Readiness Program Comprehensive Transformation of Personality through 4 Ps – Presentation, Positivity, Passion & Professionalism Wrap-up Session on Core Business Knowledge + Expanding Social Media Profiling & Professional Networking II + HR Interviews + Essential/Advanced Corporate Communication + Ethics & Etiquettes + Aptitude Test + Group Discussions & Personal Interview + Job C2C-ERPM is a final phase in the overall 360 degree of competency building & skill proficiency driven on 3S – > Self Presentation, Search & Selection. This is where the student participant becomes a refined resource to be placed in fillting profile.

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