International Youth Day

International Youth Day, is a celebration that pulsated with energy on the 11th of August 2023! This year, the spotlight was on a theme that resonated with the dreams and aspirations of the youth: ‘Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World.’

The campus was abuzz with excitement as students from all walks of life gathered to explore the multifaceted journey of empowerment and growth. The theme wasn’t just words; it was a rallying cry for young minds to step up and contribute to a world that thrives on sustainability. In the heart of it all were activities that sparkled with creativity and purpose. In the Extempore session, quick-witted students took the stage to share their unscripted thoughts on sustainability, igniting discussions that spread like wildfire. And then there were the Poster Presentations, a riot of colours and ideas that came together to visualize a ‘Sustainable India.’ Walking through a gallery of vibrant posters, each one told a story of hope, change, and a greener future.

The presentations by students on “Innovative Idea for environment conversation” were like a symphony of passion, with each student adding their unique note to the chorus of change. The air was electric with ideas, dreams, and the undeniable spirit of the youth.

So, as you step into the display of International Youth Day 2023 at our campus, remember this: it’s not just a day; it’s a movement. A movement driven by the youth, armed with green skills, and propelled towards a world that’s sustainable, vibrant, and brimming with promise.

Let the echoes of innovation and enthusiasm resound in the corridors of change!

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