Impact Lecture Series by GJIIC

The Gian Jyoti Institution Innovation Council (GJIIC) recently organized an Impact Lecture Series that featured two distinguished speakers from the National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research (NITTTR) Chandigarh. Dr. Niraj Bala, a seasoned professor, and Dr. Harsh Vardan Samalia, the Associate Dean, led the event. Their lectures focused on the concept of entrepreneurship, offering a deep dive into its principles, challenges, and opportunities.

Dr. Niraj Bala opened the session with a comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship, emphasizing its critical role in driving innovation and economic growth. He discussed the various phases of entrepreneurial ventures, from ideation and market research to funding and scaling operations. Dr. Bala also highlighted the importance of resilience, adaptability, and continuous learning for entrepreneurs.

Following Dr. Bala, Dr. Harsh Vardan Samalia provided a nuanced perspective on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He addressed the support structures necessary for fostering entrepreneurship, such as mentorship programs, incubators, and access to venture capital. Dr. Samalia also touched on the significance of networking and collaboration, encouraging students to build strong professional relationships to support their entrepreneurial journeys.

The seminar was met with great enthusiasm from both faculty and students. Participants engaged actively in the discussions, asking pertinent questions and sharing their own perspectives. This high level of interaction underscored the community’s interest in entrepreneurship and eagerness to apply the insights gained from the lectures.

Overall, the Impact Lecture Series by GJIIC not only enhanced the understanding of entrepreneurship among attendees but also inspired many to consider entrepreneurial paths. The event successfully highlighted the transformative potential of entrepreneurship and the vital role educational institutions play in nurturing future innovators and business leaders.

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