Hola India Seminar

In an exciting endeavor, students from the BCA 2nd semester recently participated in Hola India, an esteemed learning initiative that opens doors to exploring the Spanish language at the University of Complutense in Madrid. The event witnessed Ms. Ritesh Vashisht, National President of Hola India, addressing the enthusiastic participants. Ms. Vashisht emphasized the significance of learning foreign languages in today’s globalized world, shedding light on Spanish as the world’s second most spoken language. Her insightful discourse inspired the students, underscoring the immense opportunities and cultural enrichment that come with language proficiency. The participation of BCA students in such initiatives not only broadens their horizons but also aligns with the ethos of fostering international collaboration and understanding. It serves as a testament to their eagerness to embrace diverse cultures and expand their skill sets beyond the conventional realm of their academic pursuits.

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