GJIMT Christmas/ Bondong Blitz- 23rd Dec 2023

The GJIMT Bondong Blitz, held on December 22, 2023, at the GJIMT Auditorium, was a delightful event that brought joy and camaraderie to the staff and faculty. The day was filled with laughter and excitement as everyone actively participated in fun games, fostering a sense of unity and team spirit.

Adding an element of anticipation, a lucky draw was organized, creating an atmosphere of suspense and enthusiasm. The lucky winners undoubtedly added to the festive cheer with their prizes.

The festivities continued with a delectable lunch that provided a perfect opportunity for everyone to relax, unwind, and share moments of joy. The nourishing food further fueled the positive energy that permeated the event.

A heartwarming touch was added to the celebration with a small yet meaningful activity – the distribution of Secret Santa presents. Sh. J S Bedi, the Chairman at GJIMT, took on the role of Santa, spreading smiles as he handed out gifts. His involvement not only added a personal touch to the occasion but also emphasized the spirit of giving and sharing.

In a touching gesture, Sh. J S Bedi shared his blessings for the upcoming festival of Christmas and the approaching New Year’s Eve. His words resonated with warmth and goodwill, leaving a lasting impression on all those present.

The GJIMT Bondong Blitz not only provided a platform for enjoyment and merriment but also created lasting memories and a sense of togetherness among the GJIMT family. As the year drew to a close, the event served as a beautiful reminder of the importance of celebration, gratitude, and the joy of coming together during the festive season.

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