Farewell 2023

Farewells mark the bittersweet culmination of a journey, and this was no exception. As the curtain falls on this chapter, we extend heartfelt congratulations to the deserving winners who shone brightly on this memorable night.

In the PG Programme, Mr Farewell was Mr Damandeep Singh, MBA, and Ms Farewell was Ms Tanya, MCA, who bid a poignant farewell, leaving an indelible mark. Meanwhile, Mr Handsome was Mr Akhil, MCA, and Ms Elegant was Ms Simarpreet Kaur, MBA, who graced the event with their charm and poise.

Turning to the UG Programme, Mr Farewell was Mr Asante Edmund, BBA, and Ms Farewell was Ms Guneet Saini, BCA, who left an impression that will be remembered. Mr Handsome was Mr Narender Singh, BCA, and Ms Elegant was Ms Hiya, BCA, who added an extra layer of glamour and grace to the evening.

To all the winners, a resounding round of applause is well-deserved. In the end, Chairman, Sh J.S. Bedi wishes that the memories linger, and may each winner embark on new journeys with the same spirit that illuminated the farewell night. Also, the Director Dr Aneet Bedi, Congratulated all the winners to the triumphant souls who made it an unforgettable spectacle.

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