Exploring Pathways: GJIMT Mohali’s Enlightening Career Counselling Session

In a bid to equip these young minds with the tools for success in their professional journeys, a special session on “How to Interviews, Professional Grooming and Personality Development, Career in Govt. Jobs and tips to be successful in professional life” was organized at GJIMT. The event brought together a constellation of highly experienced experts from the Career Counselling division of the District Bureau of Employment and Enterprise, DC Office Complex Mohali.

Ms. Nabiha and Ms. Rozy Singla, esteemed senior executives and seasoned Career Counsellors, graced the occasion with their wealth of knowledge and insights. The esteemed speakers gave insightful tips, techniques, and real-life anecdotes to ace the interview. Through interactive discussions, the students discovered the power of projecting confidence, enhancing communication skills, and building a well-rounded persona. Further, the students gained insights into the procedures, prerequisites, and preparations required to excel in government job selections. The success of the event was underpinned by the collaboration between GJIMT Mohali, the Career Counselling division, and the enthusiastic participation of the students. The faculty and staff played a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless event that left an indelible mark on the attendees. As the curtains drew on the event, the students departed with newfound clarity and determination. The insights gained from Ms. Nabiha and Ms. Rozy Singla’s enlightening discourse will undoubtedly serve as guiding stars as these young graduates step out into the world of possibilities.

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