Eco Friendly Holi celebrations

13 March 2018

GianJyotiInsitute of Management & technology, Phase -2 Mohali celebrated Holi at its campus .Students were encouraged to celebrate dry holi and were encouraged to create awareness amongst the young generation to save water and teach the same to the residents . A special session was also conducted for students to learn to prepare organic colours, and encouraged them to use thesecolours rather than chemicals.

Chairman, GianJyotiGroup J.S. Bedi said at the moment that it is essential to inculcate such thought into young minds. He also explained the Triumph of good over evil as Prahalad the ardent believer of Narayana is unharmed and Holika who although blessed is destroyed by the burning pyre. We should make an effort to hold on to the good in us and other people and let go of the negative traits.

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