Chairman’s Message – J.S. Bedi

As we progress into the teens of the twenty first century and study the peculiar patterns of evolving ‘commercescape’, the entrenchment of web 2.0 in business, mobile app usage, the proliferation of techno-smart startups, the growing emphasis on business critical resources of data handling, security and virtualization, the management and IT education too needs a relook from a fresh perspective. There is an unprecedented need of looking beyond the classroom and into the real-time environments empowered by diverse and multi-cultural talents. Contemporary scenario calls for a training of graduates with focus on innovation and assimilatory socio-cultural approaches. Students also need to be made to understand that the professionals of today are instant decision makers and nurture thinking in terms of the ‘feasible’ only. There is no time or resources to waste. World, and more so businesses, as we know today, adopt only the surest and quickest solutions.

In the current context, the talent need with aforesaid qualities need is immense but supply definitely is constricted. Institutions lack in modeling their environments on the needs of the times. Then why and how to make this novel teaching-learning possible and institutional effort worthwhile? The variable of learning definitely has to be moved quickly back and forth across a broad spectrum of modules comprising case studies, research, and academics and, of course, tutorship on behavioral and psychological management also. The entire spectrum is to be enriched with inputs from the corporate world on a dynamic basis.

With this bent of mind and working with the everyday motive of implementing most of the ideas expressed here in the DNA of my institution, I greet you at this juncture—when you have to choose the course and more importantly, the institution.


J. S. Bedi

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