Career Centre

As a GJIMT student, you’re embarking on a remarkable journey filled with an array of exciting choices and limitless opportunities. Your professional career path is an exhilarating adventure that begins with valuable internships and promising job prospects.

Throughout your academic journey with us, we provide a supportive and enriching environment that encourages personal growth, fosters critical thinking, and stimulates innovation. We recognize that preparing students for the job market is paramount to ensuring their employability and success in the professional world.

To achieve this, our Career Centre has meticulously crafted the Readiness Program, which consists of three integral parts: the Personal Readiness Program (PRP), the Internship Readiness Program (IRP), and the Employment Readiness Program (ERP).

Broaden your horizons, and gain hands-on experience through internships aligned with your unique interests and career objectives.

Join GJIMT now and jump start your career with strong foundation and life long placements!