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Campaign on Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye

The NSS Club recently spearheaded a dynamic campaign titled “Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye” aimed at fostering awareness about the pivotal role of voting and the significance of electing the right candidate in the electoral process. Running throughout the week from March 1st to March 6th, the campaign encompassed a variety of engaging activities to galvanize the college community.

To kickstart the initiative, a spirited rally was organized around the college campus, drawing attention to the importance of exercising one’s voting rights for the betterment of the nation. This was followed by an insightful essay writing competition where students had the opportunity to articulate their perspectives on the power of voting and the responsibility it entails.

Moreover, the campaign facilitated one-on-one talks on the significance of voting, empowering students with knowledge about the electoral process and the impact of their participation. Through these interactive sessions, participants gained a deeper understanding of their role as responsible citizens in shaping the future of the country.

The week-long program proved to be an enriching experience, inspiring students to recognize the value of their vote in driving positive change and contributing to the democratic fabric of the nation. By instilling a sense of civic duty and empowerment, “Mera Pehla Vote – Desh Ke Liye” campaign served as a catalyst for fostering a more engaged and responsible electorate within the college community.

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