77th Independence Day Celebrations- ‘Nation First, Always First’

The spirit of ‘Nation First, Always First’ was celebrated with unparalleled fervour. on the monumental occasion of 77th Independence Day.

Close your eyes and envision the campus adorned in the tricolour, a vibrant sea of saffron, white, and green. The air is electric with a sense of significance, pride, and unity, as students and staff members gather to pay homage to the heroes who etched the path of freedom with their sacrifices.

The dignitaries standing tall, the national flag fluttering gracefully against the canvas of the sky, and the resounding strains of the national anthem filling the air. In that moment, hearts swell with indescribable pride, a reminder of the struggles endured and the triumphs achieved for this nation we call home.

And then, the stage comes alive with performances that resonate with the heartbeat of a united country. Envision the students, the stars of the day, as they dance, sing, and enact tales of courage, resilience, and unity. The audience is captivated, caught in a spell woven by the young performers who infuse every step and every note with their love for the motherland.

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