5 Top Reasons to Pursue a B.Com. Degree In Corporate Sector

5 Top Reasons to Pursue a B.Com. Degree In Corporate Sector

‍Interest in pursuing B.Com programs has seen a massive increase in the past couple of years. The demand for professionals with business knowledge and analytical skills has seen a constant rise among corporate sector as well as non-corporate sector. In most cases, this means that companies already have employees with business degrees or certificate programs to fill jobs after their training. However, some positions are still available and will be for the foreseeable future. A B.Com degree can open up so many opportunities for you after you graduate from college or university. Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider pursing a B.Com program:

A B.Com. Degree Is The Norm

Out of all the degrees in business, a B.Com is by far the most common. In fact, most of the undergraduate business degrees are being offered in India. This means that you will find more people with similar interests and experience when you start job hunting. If you are looking to break into the corporate sector, then the other degrees in business may not be as common. However you should keep in mind that a B.Com has much more relevance in the corporate sector. With increasing demand for business skills, more and more companies are hiring graduates with a B.Com. According to research, a large majority of Indian companies are planning to increase the hiring of B.Com graduates in the future.

Business Courses Are Increasingly Important

If you have been taking any business courses during your undergraduate degree, then you know that they are very important. The coursework covers everything from marketing and finance to leadership and team building. The skills learned in these courses make a big difference in the job market. For example, marketing is critical in attracting new customers and managing their expectations. Finance skills can be applied to any number of organizations, from startups to large corporations. Leadership skills are invaluable in the work place. You can use these skills to lead teams, motivate other employees and set high expectations for the organization. You can’t change the world, but you can help your organization reach its full potential.

Skills Are Becoming More Valuable

As the world becomes more digital and automated, skills become even more important. Companies are looking for employees with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. These are critical in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and technology. Data analysis and computer literacy are also becoming more important. You can find jobs that use these skills in many industries such as consulting, research and technology. Additionally, programming skills are becoming more valuable as software becomes more important.

B.Com Graduates Earn Higher Salaries

According to a study by the NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research), the B-Commerce degrees lead to the highest salaries in the corporate sector. This is true even among the multiple undergraduate degrees. A B.Com. degree makes you eligible to get a salary of Rs 1.7 lakh per annum. An MBA degree increases your salary by Rs 1 lakh, while an Engineering degree leads to a salary of Rs 1.3 lakh.


If you have been considering following a career in the corporate sector, then a B-Commerce degree is a great option. This degree can help you develop business skills, earn a high salary and save a lot of money on your education. By following this course of study, you can earn your B.Com. degree and find a job in the corporate sector.

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