17th IntConMITE 2023- International Conference

The 17th edition of the International Conference on Innovation for Smart, Inclusive, and Sustainable Growth (IntConMITE 2023) featured a theme centred around fostering smart, inclusive, and sustainable growth. The conference embraced a hybrid format to accommodate diverse participation, drawing educators, professionals, and students from various countries to engage in discussions and collaborative initiatives. The conference sessions featured thought-provoking discussions, presentations, and workshops, providing a platform for participants to share their research findings, innovative ideas, and practical solutions. With a focus on smart technologies, inclusivity, and sustainability, the event aimed to inspire collaborative efforts that would contribute to the global goal of achieving balanced and equitable growth.

IntConMITE 2023 demonstrated that, even in the face of challenges, the spirit of innovation and collaboration remains resilient. The conference catalyzed the exchange of ideas, forging new connections, and laying the groundwork for future collaborations that will play a pivotal role in shaping a smarter, more inclusive, and sustainable future for our global community.

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