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On the onset we would like to extend our heartfelt greetings to you all from GJIMT.

The year 2020 had witnessed a lot of challenges for all of us. It posed some serious concerns and rather threats to the growth and survival amid the uncertain and challenging environments.

Going ahead with the spirit of Aspire, Achieve, Ascend, GJIMT strived hard to adapt to the changing environment and converted the challenges into opportunities through its visionary and innovative approach, commitment and dedication.

We acknowledge your achievements during this tough time and we know you fought a hard battle too.

It is a very heart warming and joyous feeling to share with you regarding launch of GJIMT newsletter.

Although we have been in constant touch through various programs and initiatives in the past, but this initiative is aimed at strengthening the ties which we have been sharing throughout these years.

Through this newsletter, we bring to you the latest updates about your Alma mater, the upcoming events and initiatives and the achievements.

We express our sheer joy to make you go through this journey with us that would definitely remind you of your old golden days spent at the campus.

We would love you to acknowledge your achievements , your life with us; through our Alma Calling Column.
Stay safe. Stay Inspired…


Campus Activity Update

  • Academic


    Despite the odds, the team GJIMT has been leaving no stone unturned in providing the quality education to its students even amid the current pandemic situation. To make the teaching more effective and interactive, e-platform – MS teams is being used for various academic activities viz. taking online lectures, giving assignments and evaluating the students through online quizzes, tests, live projects etc. The periodic review of academic activities is done to ensure the timely and effective delivery of services. To further streamline the academic system and for better communication and interaction with the students, GJIMT has introduced the Student-Counsellor System whereby a dedicated faculty member keeps the record of students with regard to his/her attendance, academic performance, periodic evaluation etc. on a weekly basis. For the holistic growth and development of the students, online webinars and workshops are being conducted on a regular basis. An exclusive online training has been started in collaboration with Bulls Eye, Chandigarh, to equip the students with analytical and logical –reasoning skills which would further help them in achieving their career goals. With the guidance and support of the management, team GJIMT has been putting its best efforts for the smooth conduct of the ongoing academic session.

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  • Events at GJIMT

    Documentary Competition: Spotlight
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    18th National Conference: GJ-NatConMITE 2021

    GJIMT is known for organising consecutive series of National and International conferences on different themes and issues. By keeping the view in the mind of upcoming scenario and changes expected to happen due to Covid-19 pandemic, GJIMT has released the subject of forthcoming18th National Conference i.e navigating the New Normal: Rethinking Business in a Changing World. This is the opportunity for the researchers and academicians to present the research work on the common theme.The participants will also be provided a chance to get selected for “Best Paper Award” for each technical session.Due to overwhelming responses and the immense feedback from participantson our past events, the date of the event declared beforehand i.eWednesday, 13th October 2021.

  • Upcoming Workshop - Conference

    International Conference


    HR Workshop
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  • OSA Worshop

    ‘ONE STEP AHEAD’ – A Communication Workshop culminated at GJIMT, Mohali

    A one week workshop – ‘One Step Ahead’ culminated today at Gian Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology, Mohali. The aim of the workshop was to provide the participants with practical tools for an effective which is essential to achieve success in personal and professional life. The Workshop witnessed an enthusiastic participation from various parts of the region including students, academicians and working professionals through both offline and online mode. The unique aspect of the workshop wasthe panel of its speakers which included eminent female personalities from around the country. The workshop had successfully started on 8th March 2021, on the occasion of International Women’s Day and continued for the entire week.

    Throughout the workshop, the key resource persons shared their insightful knowledge on varied topics of viz. Oratory Skills, Articulation Skills, Presentation Skills which are essentials for an effective communication. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. J. S. Bedi, Chairman, GJIMT said that is a necessary tool in every field and profession and students must learn how to gain proficiency in this skill. Dr. Aneet Bedi, Director, GJIMT also addressed the students and motivated them to participate in such kind of workshops as these workshops provide them with a competitive edge apart from their academics. Sheiterated that the institute always strives to work for holistic development for the students by organizing such workshops and events. At the end, she congratulated all the organizers of the workshop for its wonderful execution and successful completion.

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Alumni Spotlight

PCS BCA (2008-11)

Ms. VaishaliWadhwa, an alumnus of GJIMT, Mohali completed her graduation as Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) in 2011. At present, Ms. Vaishali is a PCS officer and currently working as Deputy Resident Commissioner cum AGM at Punjab Bhawan (New Delhi).

During her college days, she was an active student who was always eager to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. She used to participate in almost all of the college events and annual functions. After completing her graduation she started preparing for civil services examination as she had already set a career goal for herself during her studies. Her hard work and persistency along with her dedication and focus bore fruits and she cleared Punjab Civil Services examination in 2014. Since then, as a public servant, she has been fulfilling all her duties and responsibilities sincerely and has dedicated her life towards the service of society and nation. Recently, GJIMT, Mohali invited her for a webinar where she addressed the students on the topic ‘How to step on the ladder of Government Job?’

As an educational institution, we really feel privileged and honored to have Ms. Vaishali as aproud alumnus. We wish luck and success in all her future endeavors.

Internships Update


“The investment in Training is worth every expenditure; Promising Rewards & Recognition for aResult driven organization”

    Partnered with

‘GJIMT’ is miles ahead when it comes to identifying & shaping the Talent.
Talent is a ‘competency’ realized when knowledge, skills and abilities blend together to harness potential of a person. At GJIMT, ‘Training’ stands sanctum sanctorum for us. Legendary past of GJIMT enjoys a legacy of being an elite member of exclusive educational epitomes; a marvel edifice with a vision to help the future of the nation to – achieve, aspire and ascend with a purpose.

Perhaps, that’s the reason for us, to be widely valued as a ‘Temple of Talent Transformation’. At campus, have dedicated Labs for confirming quality Training, Teaching & Learning that help students gain an extra edge which is focussed upon 3C’s of Professionalism –

Communication, Confidence& Conviction

Along with regular and routine academic curricula; Training has been pushed into Learning Ecosystem with a vision to bring the Best out of the students and to help them usher in the ever evolving era of skill and intellect updation after every second.

Inclusion of Training pays returns into the future when the well placed and positioned alumni visits its alma-mater to hire the next gen talent with better placement prospects and this value system erected upon the edifice of faith, trust and confidence makes GJIMT as premier & outstanding contender in the contest of times & quest for the best.

Partnered with ‘hitbullseye’; a leading institute that helps crack the toughest competitive examination and prepare oneself to the perfection; students leverage upon the opportunity at campus to strive and sustain for the future. Virtual and Campus driven flexible programs help the students to manage their resources and help them in achieving, aspiring and ascendingall ahead with success.

Placements and Training

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Pen of Faculty

THE SHOW MUST GO ON – How the teaching has changed amid COVID-19 Pandemic

When it started, no one had imagined that it would go so far where the entire world would come to a standstill. It has been more than a year and still humanity is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, still waiting and hoping for the suffering to end. There is no nook and corner of the world which is devoid of ill-effects of this deadly virus and there is no one who has not been affected. Every sphere of life; be it personal, professional or social, has been impacted in one or other way.

Education system is an indispensable part of each society and civilization and has a major role to play in the development of a nation and its economic growth. Undoubtedly, it has been one of the most affected sectors during the current pandemic situation and is still getting affected. Initially, the pandemic had forced the educational institutions to limit down their operations that created a huge gap between the expected and actual outcomes with regard to service delivery. But gradually with the help of technology, things seemed to be back right on the track. New innovations, new approaches, new methodologies and faith in the new system – all contributed to create a ‘New Normal’ amid the pandemic situation.

Along with a new change in the system, the ‘New kind of challenges’ are inevitable which come up as a shadow behind the change. The education system too, witnessed the phase where the things were going topsy-turvy. But through innovative skills and a creative and constructive thought process, it was possible to overcome those hurdles and to fabricate a new system. Consequently, the physical classrooms got converted into ‘Online Sessions’; books and notebooks got replaced by ‘E-Notes’; examinations became ‘Open Book Tests’; events and seminars were ousted by ‘Webinars’ and thus, the Traditional Education System turned ‘Virtual’. It was the zeal, enthusiasm and faith of the educators and academicians that resulted in a ‘No Quitting’ approach which kept the learning going on.

In many ways the pandemic has taught us the lessons which otherwise could not have been possible to learn. Now, the education system has a greater responsibility in educating about the role, human beings can play in making this world a better place to live for us and the generations to come. During these tough times, the educators are working hard to devise new methods and strategies to ensure that there are no barriers when it comes to professing the knowledge to the learners. Though it is not a cakewalk, yet the undying spirit and resilience of the educators who are putting their best efforts prove that ‘the show must go on…!’

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