1. Research issues in humanitarian aid supply chain management
    Avninder Gill
  2. A comparative study on effect of job characteristics on stress of university affiliated professionals and business school professionals for management education
    Devi Bhavani Nair and Neetu Sachdeva
  3. Hedging foreign exchange risks with currency derivates
    Anurag Pahuja, Nitika Sehagal and Anu
  4. Identifying critical factors of effectiveness of banking sector in the era of global uncertainties
    Bhawana Bhardwaj and Dipanker Sharma
  5. Online consumer awareness of intellectual property rights
    Meenakshi Negi
  6. Challenges & opportunities for mortgage industry in India – A study of ICICI bank ltd.
    Neeti Gupta and Atul Maleri
  7. Women employees in BPO’s and call centers: Problems and solutions (a case study of Chandigarh)
    Arvinder Kaur and Shivani Gupta
  8. Role and impact of environmental NGO’s on environmental sustainability in India
    Dildeep Sandhu and Pooja Arora
  9. Human capital management system
    Mrs Vijay
  10. Global financial crisis and India : impact & response
    Ms. Rubeena Bajwa
  11. Funding structure and performance of microfinance institutions in India: an empirical analysis of Indian microfinance institutions (MFIS)
    Puran Singh
  12. Perception of SAI 8000 among Nalco employees: An exploratory study
    Bhakta Bandhu Dash
  13. Managing Non-performing assets in commercial banks
    Parul Khanna
  14. International uncertainties: openings and challenges facing the tourism industry.
    Nidhi Phutela and Deepak Gupta
  15. Foreign exchange market in India : Derivatives , expertise and insight
  16. Measurement of student attitudes to e-learning material in professional education
    Rajinder kaur and Jiwan Jyoti Maini
  17. Ecological degradation and its awareness – A case study
    Rajni Bala and G S Bhalla
  18. Analytical study of customers perception about service quality : A study of Indian private banks
    Sarabjit Singh Shergill and Roshan Lal
  19. Estimation of risk and return – A study of futures and options environment with respect to crude oil
    Vani H and Vandana S
  20. Recent global financial crises : A study of impact of RBI monetary policy in India
    Varali Kaushal and Geetika Reliya
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