16th GJ-IntConMITE 2022
Challenge of Changing Patterns in a Borderless World
Date: July 29 2022

About the Conference

GJIMT is hosting its 16th International Conference on the theme “Challenge of Changing Patterns in a Borderless World”. The conference is held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Business Management & Commerce, Finance & Economics, Social Sciences & Humanities and Technology related areas.

The internet has brought us face to face with the prospect of newer technologies and rising standards of living, on the one hand and the challenges of instabilities and risks on the other. New technologies have shaped a new global economy. The world has become a smaller place – a single “borderless” economy. Sitting in our living rooms, we can know at the click of a button what is happening in any part of the world. People today know the tastes, preferences and lifestyle choices of people living in other countries. We all can understand each other and communicate in the “English” language. Digitization and social media have connected people the world over. We have truly become “global citizens”.

This development has many implications. For instance, it has accelerated the pace of globalization and made it irreversible. Organizations are losing their national or regional dimensions and identifying more with a “global” dimension. Despite clear-cut geographical boundaries, our countries have become truly “borderless” due to unrestricted information flow. Globalization and Multinationalization have dissolved national borders. The rising number of mergers and acquisitions have not only opened up newer markets but also has led to intermixing of cultures. The world is becoming one place. Flows of people, ideas, information and capital are increasing. Although, the acceleration of globalization has improved the lives of billions around the world, yet, it has also created many more challenges. How to manage the forces of globalization and digitization? How to help governments, organizations, societies and individuals adjust? How to ensure that the benefits of globalization are equitably distributed? How to bridge the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged? The challenge we face is to bring these two worlds together and grow together as one entity. This conference aims to address such challenges and build strategies that strengthen the global economy.

Conference Objectives
  • Provide an ideal platform where practitioners, academicians, researchers and students can meet and deliberate upon the challenges created by the accelerated globalization and digitization for global businesses and households.
  • Build strategies that help governments, organizations, societies and individuals adjust to the rapid pace of globalization
  • Devise new ways to strengthen the global economy and bridge the gap between the globalized and the non-globalized world.
Conference Goal

The 16th GJ-IntConMITE 2022 will focus on strategies to adapt to the rapid pace of globalization and digitization and strengthen the global economy to create a truly “borderless” world.

Who can Attend
  • Academicians/Scientists
  • Students/ Researchers/Ph.D Scholars
  • Corporate Representatives/NGOs
  • Industrialists/Consultants
  • Government officials/Policy makers